About The Village Light Opera Group

For over 75 years, since its founding in 1935, the mission of the Village Light Opera Group (VLOG) has been to enrich its community by providing both theatrical productions and hands-on theatrical experience. Initially, VLOG focused on rarely-performed light operas, operettas and musicals but our mission has recently expanded to include a broader range of performance genres. While providing near-professional theatrical experience for performers, musicians, directors, producers, costume and set designers and stage managers and technicians we also offer affordable, high-quality productions to our community.

Our mainstage productions typically have fifty-plus member casts, and twenty-plus piece professional orchestras. For the just-completed 2011-2012 season, we produced the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta Iolanthe and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel. Most recently we produced an original production, Scrooge & Gilbert & Sullivan, with a book and lyrics by one of our members. VLOG prides itself on meeting very high standards for musical performance and our orchestra is composed of union musicians from Local 802. VLOG is the only community theater organization within NYC with a union orchestra. VLOG gives opportunities to non-Equity actors and provides chances for up-and-coming designers, producers and directors to prove themselves. Our volunteer membership is at the core of each production and, in particular, is the backbone for all off-stage activity, including production planning, fundraising and training.

Currently, in order to expand the depth and range of production experiences for our membership, we are sponsoring VLOGWorks, a slate of member-produced productions which will be staged throughout 2012. These will include an original drama, a revival of a 1930’s musical, a new production in the NY Fringe Festival and at least three other additional productions. We are thrilled to provide new production and  performance opportunities for our members and are continuing to field request for more productions.

One of the most important aspects of VLOG's 75+ year history is the long-term network of friends which have resulted from it. Almost 70 couples have met-and-married within VLOG and it is not uncommon for there to be three generations of one family in a production! Thousands of friendships have been fomented within VLOG and we schedule many activities to encourage this. These include: an annual fund-raising concert and get-away week-end in Vermont in the summer, cabarets, Jeopardy!-nights, birthday and family celebrations. We are fortunate to have our own rehearsal space in Tribeca and we use this as our "clubhouse" - not only to rehearse but to get together, just for the fun of it.

Please Join Us

You don't have to be a performer to join VLOG - because it takes many types of people and skills to put on shows and run a theater group - accountants, designers, web programmers, carpenters, seamstresses, lawyers - you name it. If you love theater, are fun to be with and want to join others in producing old and new theatrical works, please consider joining VLOG. Drop a line to our  and tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest. Thanks!