About Us

Since its founding in 1935, the mission of the Village Light Opera Group (VLOG) has been to enrich its community by presenting high-quality amateur theatrical productions and offering hands-on theatrical experience. Initially, VLOG focused on rarely-performed light operas and musicals but our activities have recently expanded to include a broader range of performance genres. We now present concerts, cabarets and both full-scale and semi-staged operettas and musicals. We strive to offer the highest level of theatrical experience to our members while also providing affordable performances for our community.

Our mainstage productions include as many as forty cast members, plus myriad behind-the-scenes volunteers who build the sets and costumes and keep the group “on its feet.” Our concerts and cabarets are designed to give members the chance to showcase their strengths and challenge themselves in new ways, whether on their own or as part of a duet or small ensemble.

Our volunteer membership is the core of each show and the backbone of all off-stage activity. We take great pride in the network of friends and family we have built throughout our 80 years of merry-making. Nearly 70 couples have met and married within VLOG. It is no longer unusual to see three generations of one family in a performance! To sustain this camaraderie, we schedule many social activities between performances, such as an annual fund-raising concert and summer get-away weekend in Vermont. We also organize monthly VLOG membership events that take advantage of all NYC has to offer, whether it’s enjoying a free outdoor performance, ice skating in Central Park, singing show tunes at Marie’s Crisis, or attending a holiday gathering at a member’s home.

Please Join Us

You don’t have to be a performer to join VLOG! We know it “takes a village” to put on shows and run a theater group. We welcome accountants, designers, web programmers, carpenters, costumers, lawyers — you name it. If you’re looking to build community and you delight in the shared experience of presenting old and new theatrical works, please consider joining VLOG. Drop a line to our Membership Chairperson and tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest. Thanks!