VLOG produces a wide variety of events of many different genres: cabarets, musicals, straight plays and staged readings. The exact mix in any given calendar year depends in large part upon the interests and inclination of its membership.

Our main stage productions generally tend toward fully staged classical and contemporary Broadway musical theater, as well as operettas of Gilbert & Sullivan and the like.

Our cabarets and smaller performances are held in less formal, more intimate settings and are intended to showcase our members’ vocal talents.

Although VLOG is a non-Equity, membership company, auditions for all roles, including all principal roles, are open to everyone. Once cast, all performers are required to become dues-paid members of VLOG.

All events are cast only from those who attend an audition in person – pictures and resumes are not accepted by mail or any other method.

Please note that none of our performers are paid since we are a volunteer company.

Ensemble rehearsals are usually held two evenings during the week, with additional rehearsals for principals scheduled at other times.

VLOG always welcomes backstage and offstage volunteers. If you are interested in participating in a non-performing capacity you are encouraged to come to any audition night to let us know your interests and to meet with members of the company. If you have any other questions about VLOG, please feel free to use our contact page. Thank you for your interest in The Village Light Opera Group and we look forward to meeting you!




Co-Produced by Oliver Mayes and Amy Tietz,
Directed by Ray Zilberberg
Musically directed by Michael Thomas.

March 16 from 7-10pm
March 17 from 1pm to 5pm
Callbacks by invitation only – MARCH 24TH 12PM – 6PM

Show Dates: JUNE 8,9,10, 2018

Village Light Opera Group is a non-equity, community-based theater group. All cast members will be required to pay 2017-2018 dues. For more information, please email


1. Sign up for your audition appointment here:

2. Please prepare an approximate one minute cut from a song. Comic songs appreciated but not required.

The score of On the 20th Century is wide-ranging, spoofing operetta as well as 1930s madcap musical comedy. An accompanist will be provided.


OSCAR JAFFEE – BARITONE. Brilliant theatre impresario and director of indeterminate age: flamboyant, ruthless, megalomaniacal, indomitable in the face of total disaster. In a love-hate work/romance estranged relationship with Lilly Garland.

LILY GARLAND – SOPRANO. Actress and star, spoiled, pampered, megalomaniacal: under it all intelligent and self-doubting.

BRUCE GRANIT – BARITONE/TENOR. Young and dashing attempting to be a leading man in the films. Stud, vain, silly, egotistical and an item with Lily.

OLIVER WEBB – TENOR. Oscar’s company manager. Ulcerous, worried, fed-up: trying to bring a note of sanity to the surrounding madness. He and Owen are Oscar’s two loyal henchmen.

OWEN O’MALLEY – BARITONE. Oscar’s press agent: a boozer, sardonic, self-satirical. He and Oliver are Oscar’s two loyal henchmen.

LETITIA PRIMROSE – MEZZO/CHARACTER SOPRANO. Middle-aged to an oldish lady, presenting a picture of good breeding, wealth and religious fervor: actually she is a genuine lunatic on the loose.

CONDUCTOR – TENOR. Train conductor for the 20th Century.

MAX JACOBS – TENOR/BARITONE. Self-important young producer: successful, intense, confident.

IMELDA THORNTON – SOPRANO/MEZZO. Glamorous, imperious, fur-bedecked stage actress. Her audition for Oscar Jaffee is upstaged by her accompanist.

GROVER LOCKWOOD –TENOR/BARITONE. Blustering, womanizing statesmen type.

DOCTOR JOHNSON – Physician for the 20th Century. Dry. Indeterminate accent. Stoic and dry.

AGNES – Lily’s maid, long-suffering and bored

EMILY – Senator air-headed Lockwood’s secretary.